sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

Some are afraid. I prefer love.

This idea occurred to me today via a post from a friend, and thinking well, actually I'm one of those people who prefer to love, and you?
Believe that poverty does not stop me. I was not afraid and I ran after the man I loved. I left so many jobs that gave me false security. I ventured to always love you more. Always viewed with more heart than to reason, because reason scares ... and fear, says the apostle: - produces torment.
  Whenever I asked to stay, I asked for forgiveness, it was because I loved every time I stopped and looked back because I was loved more ...
Every time I cried, it was for love ... love hurts. It is a fact.
However, going through life in fear is like going without giving flowers without scent, without laughing out ... as a dry bramble ... which nobody gets closer.
Go, I know that death or life await you over there, but continues loving, steals the shine, and kills the joy does not get you anywhere. Love!

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  1. Boa noite
    que a graça de Deus esteja sobre você e sua familia.

    Jesus Cristo te Ama!!!